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Replacing a bow string

Replacing a bow string

Replacing a bow string is something that can be covered here, but you have to be careful.  First thing you need is a bow string press.  We suggest the EZ Press line from last chance.  The EZ Green is very popular.

Custom bow string

Designed with the individual consumer in mind, the EZ Green performs the same as the original EZ Press just with fewer bells and whistles.  Just like the EZ Press, EZ Green will press all compound bow strings.*  Some of the differences between our original EZ Press and the new EZ Green are –  first of course, the color – GREEN.  EZ Green uses a hand crank rather than a hand wheel , comes with non-adjustable legs and is available with bench mounts only.  The EZ Green has the same patented finger system that is fully adjustable while the blocks are permanently attached.

We started Last Chance Archery mainly to build the Power Press. After a while, we realized the Power Press was far in advance compared to other presses on the market, so we launched the EZ Press.

Now clients can also get Last Chance Archery’s Power Deluxe, EZ Deluxe, Ultimate EZ, and the all new Power Green and EZ Green models and accessories to meet the needs of our customers.

With our manual and motorized presses, anyone can setup and press bow strings of different lengths at a ratio of 3:1 compared to other presses on the market.

This means, anyone can work on 3 bow strings in the time it takes to work on just one bow string with any other press!

Another important factor about our press is that it presses the bow string the same way as if you were drawing the bow string. This puts no undue stress. So there’s no chance of damaging a bow string when using the press properly.

Also, with our press, you don’t have to remove accessories (sights, stabilizers, etc.), and this saves valuable time.


At Last Chance Archery, the customer is always first. If you have any issues or concerns, we’ll do our best to turn it around as fast as possible and fix it. Our business is not limited to United States only. We’re doing business basically around the world including, but not limited to, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

EZ Press:  change your bow string

Designed for quick and easy set-up of all compound bow strings. The manual components are machined for smooth and easy opeation. The manual version is required for higher draw weight bow strings over 70 lbs.

Power Press: bow string

The variable speed electric motor will go from a 28* to a 42* bow string in less than 30 seconds and will press up to 70 lbs draw weight.


Ok so let’s start of with the first question “when should the bow string be changed”. Well what you need to do is simply look at the condition of the bow string. What you’re going to be looking for are badly frayed sections, or broken strands on the main part, and on the part that rides on the cams. There is also going to be areas of the string that have serving on it. When you see this serving coming undone or badly spreading apart it is time to change the string.

Also pay attention to the draw-length of your bow string because as a string ages it becomes stretched out and this in turn lengthens the draw of your bow causing the draw to become too long. This however does not always mean you need to replace the string more often than not you can bring it to a repair shop and they can put some twists in the string to shorten it back up.


*Some compound bow strings requires adapters before replacing the bow string string

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