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Bow String

Bow string

The very first compound bow string was made from steel cable.  The materials used on the recurves of the day would not hold up to the abuse the newer compounds were laying out, and steel cables were the answer.  The bow manufacturers of the day realized that a lighter material could add speed, and the materials we use for a custom compound bow string today are the result.  Dacron, B50, Dynaflight, 452x VTXm, 8190, Dynema and the list goes on and on in the continuing evolution of high end bowstring materials.

A custom compound bow string can scream yellow or a bold red, and they can be a quiet, serious, woods matching brown and green.   You pick what you want your bow to say and a set of a custom compound bow string helps you say it.

Manufacturers of these high end string materials have stepped up with many color offerings.  Pink, orange, clear, and lime green are all in demand and are all being produced.  No longer do you have stick with the solid black of the 70′s, or the standard green and tan of the 80′s and 90′s.  Bowhunters and archers are picking color combinations that match their style and attitude, and there is even a wide selection of serving colors, and string sound suppression aids that can be customized.  It’s wide open and companies like Mathews and Vaportrail are leading the charge.  Vaportrail offers a mind boggling 5,100 color combinations for your bow string with a 3 day ship!

Bow string

Bow string is a staple item at Vapor Trail Archery.  We offer more than 5,000 color combinations and a guaranteed 3 day ship.  We’ve been at it for close to 20 years, and we love pimping bows.  When you are ready for a new set of strings, grab the best you can find.  Jump in the chat rooms at Archery Talk and see what people are saying about Vapor Trail custom bow string and cable combinations.

Bow string

Our custom bowstrings are available in 452 or our custom proprietary VTX blend.  We have solid as well as speckled string base materials we work with, and our string selector lets you see what they look like to help you pick the color combo you want.

Your high end  setup will perform best when it runs on the highest quality strings available, and we have been building strings for  for as long as they have been around.

A Custom  bow string will love string bats

Every custom bow string snaps a little more with a set of colored string bats.  The bats last longer than any other string silencer on the market, and come in may more colors.  Check them out in the string designer as well.

Color isn’t the only reason to pick Vapor Trail bow string for your next custom  bow string.  We stand behind our work and have been in this business for as long as anyone, and our customer service is top rate.  Be sure to call or email us with any question you may have in regards to a custom  bow string.

A powerful piece of archery equipment, compound bows require proper maintenance. Bow string manufacturers suggest checking your bow string for signs of wear regularly. A frayed or loose bow string that breaks may cause serious injury. Worn, damaged or broken strings cannot be fixed and must be replaced. Replacing the bow string every twelve months may prevent disaster from striking just as you are about to take the perfect shot.

Remember to check your bow string often for signs of wear such as fraying or broken strands, and wax your bow string often to keep moisture and dirt from shortening their lifespan.

Peep turn, string stretch, and weather related instabilities are a thing of the past. Vapor Trails pre-stretched custom bow string and cables have a break in period of under 10 shots, and last longer than any string on the market. Vapor Trail strings and cables come in over 5,000 color combinations with guaranteed 3 day shipping. Our custom bow string is the most consistent, durable and stable string available at any price, so grab your bow and fill out the string selector chart to get your set started today!

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